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    Peter Evans

    How can i get my Kindle ebooks to work on the inkcase? I have tried using epub file formats and it works flawlessly on the inkcase. Now, i just need my kindle books on the inkcase. 

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    Paul Evans

    On this page you will see a section entitled "How to convert eBook formats". In this section they recommend a program called calibre. I have this program and I have used it to convert (DRM free) kindle books to ePub format. The incase does not appear to support the native kindle format (which is proprietary) supporting only txt and ePub formats.

    I have read that - with extra plugins - calibre can even remove kindle DRM although this is probable illegal (it is in most countries even if you have "bought" the eBook). This is because - if you read the small print with eBooks - you do not "own" them as you do a physical book.

    However, as mentioned, there are DRM free kindle books you may have. Plus there are plenty of DRM free eBooks (mainly older books where the copyright has expired) which are available.

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